Things happen when two like minds meet

As founders of the MindBody Mastery Program we (Dr Ian Gawler and Saurabh Mishra) came together not only because of our complementary skills or practice of meditation, but because of our shared passion to help people find good health and a better sense of wellbeing in the modern world.

We believe that the quality of our lives largely depends of the quality of our minds and that meditation is the key to helping everyone discover the potential of their mind to improve health, general wellbeing and performance.

We would love everyone around the world to be able to meditate well and regularly (well you’ve got to aim high!) and we are passionate about making the experience of learning as accessible, comprehensive, interesting and enjoyable as possible.

We developed the MindBody Mastery Program to fully support and guide you through your mediation practice, using the best mind training techniques in a step by step process that is not overwhelming. And, by maintaining a regular meditation practice you will see and feel the benefits whether your need is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

We have a free trial of the Program for you to listen to on our website so why not give it a go!


Dr Ian Gawler Saurabh Mishra
Dr Ian Gawler Saurabh Mishra